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What's to do in Cedar Key?

Cedar Key is located in the heart of Florida's Nature Coast and offers a wide variety of natural beauty and quality dining.

Cedar Key Birdwatching

    Birdwatching in Cedar Key Florida!

Kayak Cedar Key Florida!

    Cedar Key offers some of the best kayaking on Florida's Nature Coast. Here's what you need to know to kayak in Cedar Key!

Cedar Key Kayaks and Fishing

    Are you ready for some sea trout? How about some grouper? Or is a sunrise paddle to Atsena Otie more what you had in mind?

Eco-Tourism in Cedar Key and Florida's Nature Coast

    Cedar Key Florida is the undiscovered playground for nature enthusiasts. Whether your passion is bird-watching, paddling, or hiking, there is something for everyone here.

Cedar Key Restaurants

    Clams? Fresh seafood? Cedar Key has all that and more. You need a fresh seafood fix don't you?

Other Cedar Key Information

    This website has much more information about Cedar Key and the surrounding communities...


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Vacation rentals on the island of Cedar Key, Florida on the Nature Coast

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