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What's the weather like in Cedar Key?

Cedar Key is in Florida, but it's northern Florida. This means that winters are much warmer than up north, but the temps are still cool in December and January. Be sure to bring a jacket for winter month visits!

The first thing everyone asks in the morning is "What's the weather like?" and "When is high tide?". Here's some links to all the information you need to plan your trip and your days in Cedar Key!

Cedar Keys Weather Forecasts and Historical Data

Planning a vacation this winter? Do you need to know what the average day will be like in January? View's average highs and lows by month, along with precipitation by month, and lots of other statistics for weather junkies.

Here's a link to's "Boat and Beach Forecast for Cedar Key". Marine data included.

Check out the box to the right for current conditions and links to forecasts.

7-day Cedar Key FL Tide Chart

Stranded at low tide...Tide levels dictate much of your day in Cedar Key if you like to fish or birdwatch. Always be sure to verify that the tide will be sufficiently high enough for you to get home from your island picnic or fishing trip!

Cedar Key Star Gazing

Check out the Start Chart (as seen from 9F balcony)
Cedar Key is a gathering place for star gazers. Each year, there's a "Star Party" in the Cedar Key area, next year's party is scheduled for February 15 through 21. Read more about the Star Party offered by National Public Observatory's Stars-n-Parks programs.


Vacation rentals on the island of Cedar Key, Florida on the Nature Coast

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